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Tongue Piercings

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More Info on our Tongue Piercing Jewellery

When you have decided to get a tongue piercing, there are many choices of tongue jewellery with varied colour, material and design of ball fixtures. For a new piercing, titanium jewellery for tongue piercings is recommended as it is the least likely to cause an allergic reaction, which is important if it is your first piercing or if you are sensitive to metal jewellery. 

Regarding the different placements of tongue piercing, there are some types that suit different tongue shapes, which a professional piercer can advise you on. With different options to choose from, a common choice is the midline in the centre of the tongue which is suitable for tongue bar jewellery. 

The horizontal piercing across the tongue is a great choice for displaying statement tongue bar jewellery as both ball fixtures are exposed, while the frenulum or web piercing under the tongue has options for horseshoe tongue piercing jewellery which is also fully visible and statement worthy. 

Piercing Jewellery UK that makes a statement

While both types of piercing are suitable for tongue bar jewellery, the side piercing and snake eyes placements make a big statement. The off-centre or side piercing can be a quirky choice, and would also look great with a lip piercing to balance out the look. The snake eyes is a horizontal style where a barbell tongue piercing jewellery is situated near the tip of the tongue. This snake eye piercing paired with a snake bite lip piercing would create an iconic look.

When looking to get a brand new tongue piercing, the vital steps include getting additional information and guides about the style of piercing, finding a safe and reputable piercer and being ready for the aftercare process for faster healing and to avoid scarring or infection.

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Gekko stock a wide range of high quality piercing jewellery, for a broad selection of piercing types. Our tongue piercing jewellery includes varied styles of Tongue Bars for the perfect look and even look at our other jewellery which is filtered by body part including ears, eyebrows, the navel and nose.