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Tongue Piercing Bar Info

 Gekko stocks a wide range of tongue bars in a range of styles and materials. Choose from dome tops, bar balls, or novelty shapes to accessorise your tongue barbells in a way that fits your look.

It is the first step to get the piercing, but to keep it exciting and expressing your style, a new piece of tongue jewellery can do the trick. With tongue bars made from 316L Surgical Steel or with an additional Titanium plating, you have the base to let the tongue bar balls do the talking.

Our tongue piercing bars come in a standard 1.6mm thickness (14 gauge) with a 16mm length bar, so you can be sure to find your perfect look in the right size.

Styles of Tongue Bar Balls

Our 316L Surgical Steel tongue barbells are a great quality piercing material that comes at a very reasonable price. Durable piercings are important, and with Surgical Steel it is long lasting due to its high resistance to corrosion.

Pick from tongue balls that stand out or fit in with your style. We have a range of tongue bar balls that take the classic rounded ball shape to a new level with faux pearl, gem topped, glitter ball, tiger pattern, stars or hearts, anodised titanium plated or glow in the dark. If you prefer a sleeker fit on your tongue piercing bars, why not try an epoxy dome top? We stock styles including leopard print, assorted logos or rude words that can do the talking for you. If neither of those styles seem fresh enough for your new look, then try a novelty shape for your tongue bars such as a 3D heart or a UV dice that will glow up your style. 

Easy variety with a multiple pack of tongue bars

Once you’ve picked the style of tongue bar balls, you can choose from a single tongue bar piercing or have more variety with a pack of tongue barbells. Gekko have Value Packs that allow you to have sets of 4, 5 or 6 tongue piercing bars and balls in an assortment of colours so you can change your look to match your outfit or even mix and match the tongue bar balls for your personal style.

With our wide variety of tongue barbells and packs you can alternate your tongue bar balls for the occasion, with faux pearl for formal and glow in the dark for going ‘out out’, you are sure to find the jewellery for the event. 

Check out our full range of jewellery at Gekko

At Gekko we stock over 15,000 different piercing jewellery, including tongue bars and also a range of  Septum Rings, Lip Piercings and Cartilage Piercings for all of your current or future piercing requirements. We also provide spare tongue bar balls for replacing the one that rolled away or to customise your barbell further.

For further questions or advice on piercing jewellery, get in touch with us!