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More Info on Ear Tapers

Ear Tapers offer a great piercing which stands out a little more than your standard ear piercing. You’ll find loads of styles available but the straight cone design is one of the most popular - often in anything from 40 and 50mm in length. All the styles we stock come with the double O-ring (the 2 pieces of rubber banding around the taper) which keeps the piercing securely in place.

You can stretch your lobes with tapers much in the same way you can with ear plugs or tunnels - these just offer a different style so it’s really down to personal preference. If you want to work your way up through the different sizes then a whole set of ear stretching tapers could be a great option - these would start around 1.6mm (14 gauge) and go up to around 10mm (00 gauge).

What size ear taper should I get?

If you were thinking of moving up through the sizes and you’ve already got a normal ear piercing (likely 1.2mm), then a 1.6mm (14 gauge) taper is a great start. You should avoid jumping taper sizes if you're increasing the size and ensure the piercing is cared for regularly.

If you’ve only recently inserted a taper piercing a lot of attention should be given to avoid catching the piercing as any stress on the lobe will extend the healing time.

What’s the best material for a new ear taper?

Tapers are available in various materials but you’ll generally find the 3 most common are Surgical Steel, Acrylic and Wood. For the most part it’s really down to what style you’re after but here’s a quick summary of a few other points worth considering: Surgical Steel Tapers - most piercings made of high quality surgical steel are a great option.

Won’t break the bank and highly resistant to corrosion over time. The only thing to keep in mind is these will be slightly heavier than the acrylic and wood based tapers. Acrylic Tapers - another great option and will often be even cheaper the surgical steel designs. Obviously not quite as hard wearing as the surgical steel ear tapers but still perfectly suitable for new or existing piercings.

If you find your skin doesn’t react well to metal then this could also be another option. Wood Tapers - you’ll find tapers in available in a variety of different woods, including organic wood. Again these are great if you find your skin reacts to metal piercings. Wood tapers will need a little bit of extra care to ensure they don’t warp - generally just avoid getting them wet for prolonged periods of time and periodically rub a small amount of oil (e.g. jojoba oil) into the surface.

Fake Tapers

If you’re still unsure that a Taper piercing is for you or you just want to see how it looks then a Fake Taper could be what you’re looking for. The piercing bar on a fake taper will generally be 1.2mm (16 gauge) - the same size as a normal ear piercing.

The fake tapers are available in a huge amount of different types, from the standard cone shape to the spiral twists. There aren’t really any pros and cons for each, just a matter of taste. One thing we have had questions on in the past is the weight of the taper - of course the surgical steel are heavier than acrylic, so just be mindful when choosing. With this said, all are designed to be suitably weighted for an ear piercing.

If you’re after any other piercings, we also stock a huge amount of plugs and tunnels, cartilage piercings and industrial piercings to name but a few so please do check them out!