Piercing Information


 Types of Body Jewellery

There's a huge range of different body jewellery types available, sometimes making it confusing as to what type of jewellery is suitable for a particular piercing.  This information explains the differing types and where abouts on the body they can be worn.

Body Jewellery Materials

Body jewellery comes in many different materials and metals.  The majority of piercing jewellery will be surgical stainless steel but there's many others such as titanium, gold plated, acrylic and PTFE bioflex. Here you'll find out all the differing materials and the pro's and con's of each.

Body Jewellery Hygiene

 Here you'll find all the important  information about body jewellery  hygiene.  Definitely worth a read as knowing this sort of information will
help minimise the chance of any unwanted side effects from piercings.

Piercing Videos

A collection of useful piercing videos which have helped answer many customers questions.  If you're looking for something which isn't on here feel free to drop us a line!
Symbolic Body Jewellery

Wooden Tree of Life PlugMany items of body jewellery carry a symbolic meaning (as well as making you look great!).  This section explores the differing meanings and backgrounds behind some of the jewellery we wear today.