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Nose Studs & Rings

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Nose piercings come in a range of styles and materials.  The most common types are the nose stud, nose ring and nose screw.  Each one may give a slightly different look (e.g. a ring compared to a bar), but the way they are held in place also differs.  The standard size is 18 gauge (1mm).

The standard Nose Studs (often called Nose Bones) are just the straight bars (generally 6mm or 8mm), and are held in the piercing by the enlarged end, often a small gem.  The Nose Screw has the curved "U" style end, which holds the piercing securely in place.  Nose Rings again have the enlarged end to ensure they don't fall out.

In terms of materials, the most common is 316L Sugical Steel, but we stock many others in Gold Plated and Anodised Titanium Plated.