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More Info on Nose Studs and Rings

Nose piercings are becoming ever more popular which has led to a surge in many different styles becoming available in the past few years.  Of course this is great in terms of giving plenty of options to choose from, but it can also be a little more confusing when deciding what is best for you.

The points below outline each of the types of nose studs and nose rings you can expect to find on sale today along with a few key points to each - this may help when you’re making a decision on what nose piercing to purchase!

Types of Nose Studs and Rings

  • Nose Studs -  nose piercing studs are one of the most common types but it should be noted the term “nose stud” is used to describe various types of nose piercing.  Traditionally these relate to studs with an “L” shape bar, but is often used to describe nose bones too (which are described below).  The “L” shape bar is a great piercing as it’s easy to insert and due to the bar design, stays securely in place.

  • Nose Rings - another popular option which tend to stand out a little more than the smaller studs.  These are available in two main types - one being the open ended ring (i.e. the hoop has a small gap in it), or the segment ring style where you insert the piercing and then put the segment back into the ring to make it complete.

  • Nose Screws - these piercings have a bend in the bar hence the name screw.  Once inserted the bend keeps the piercing in place, similar to the “L” shape bars noted above.  Another great option and no danger of it falling it out.

  • Nose Bones - these have straight bars with a slightly wider end, this ensures the piercing doesn’t fall out.  Of course this also means the bar will be a tiny bit wider when inserting and removing the piercing so may not be quite so good for new piercings.

  • Fishtail Piercings - these are straight bars which are much longer in length as they are meant to be cut to size or bent to form a nose screw.  These are individuals who have experience with this type of piercing or professional piercing studios. 

Nose Stud Sizes

Nose piercings are available in a range of different sizing options, both in terms of the gauge (bar thickness), length (for nose studs) and diameter (for nose rings).

Nose Piercing Gauges

Generally you’ll see piercings done between 22 gauge ( 0.6mm) and 14 gauge (1.6mm), however by far the most common size is 0.8mm (20 gauge).  Most piercing studios will pierce at this size unless directed otherwise. 1mm (18 gauge) is also fairly common but is really down to the individual - if you prefer the thicker bars this could be a great choice.

The sizes either side of 0.8mm - 1mm are generally for more specialised piercings - for example if you’re after a specific look or want to insert a very particular type of piercing.  

Nose Stud Bar Lengths

The most common bar length is 6mm for a standard nose piercing stud, although again you will find different options available.  You also have the option of a fishtail nose piercing which comes with an extended straight bar (up to around 25mm) which can be cut and bent into the size and shape you require.

Nose Ring Diameters

Finally you have the diameter size of a ring or hoop - the most common is 8mm - 10mm.  The size can of course depend on the size of the nose and the positioning of the piercing itself.  However a piercing studio will know exactly what size when having a nose piercing done.

As with any piercing you will of course find variations in the sizing - this again comes back to personal preference or if an individual is looking for a very specific look.

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