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Nose Piercings

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More Info on our Nose Piercing Jewellery

If you have a new nose piercing, then some nose jewellery is more appropriate than others. For example, if you are getting a classic nostril piercing, then it’s recommended to choose from a nose stud or ring for your nose piercing jewellery.

Easy to fit and secure, a nose screw stud has a spiral shape that sits against the inside of the nostril and means it is very hard to come loose by accident. An even easier stud to fit is the L-shaped nose stud which has the inner part of the stud for security, but this is easier to remove than the screw stud, meaning this jewellery for nose piercings is great for someone who changes their look regularly but there are potential risks of it coming loose.

For a subtle and delicate look for your nose piercing jewellery, a plain ring with a circular inner nostril disc for secure placement could be a great option. Unlike a seamless ring, this type of nose jewellery will retain its shape, is easy to fit and won’t turn in the nostril which will reduce friction or irritation during the healing process, or as you get used to your new jewellery.

A Unique and Daring Look

For the perfect nose piercing jewellery for your septum, our variety of titanium nose jewellery features safe and secure clicker rings which are easy to fit yourself and come in a variety of styles and sizes. For a new septum piercing, a barbell is a great option as, unlike a ring, it won’t get caught easily which is preferable during the healing stage. This style of nose jewellery can be subtle, with just the balls from the barbells on show, or it can provide easy customisation with interchangeable ball fixtures.

When looking to get a new nose piercing or two, it is important to prepare, which can start with getting more information about the style of piercing, finding a reputable piercer and being ready for the aftercare process to help with faster healing and to avoid scarring or infection.

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