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More Info on Nipple Bars and Rings

Nipple piercing jewellery is available in all shapes and sizes, from basic barbells to shielded dangles.  We stock a huge range of styles and materials so there should be something which takes your fancy!  

Types of Nipple Bars and Nipple Rings

  • Nipple bars - the most simple style of nipple jewellery, essentially just a straight barbell.  Nipple barbells are available in a variety of materials including 316L Surgical Steel, Titanium and Acrylic. 
  • Nipple rings - these generally fall into the universal piercings category i.e. segment rings and ball closure rings.  No real advantages or disadvantages over other styles, just a matter of taste!

  • Shielded Nipple rings - these are designed specifically for nipple piercings.  These have a straight barbell through the centre with a fixed outer ring which surrounds the nipple.  If you’re looking for something a bit more glitzy and eye catching this is a great choice!

  • Front facing nipple bars - another option is the front facing nipple piercing bars.  This nipple bars generally have matching gems on each end of the bar which face outwards so they’re clearly visible when inserted.

  • Nipple Clickers - a newer design, these have the hinged bar which clicks into place once the piercing has been inserted.  A good choice if you find it difficult screwing on the balls!

Nipple jewellery sizing

Nipple bars and rings are available in a range of different sizes so be sure to check you’re ordering the right one.  The bar or ring thickness (gauge) is particularly important - if you insert a nipple bar or ring which too small, then the piercing will shrink down to that size, equally if too large it will likely cause discomfort when inserting.

The most common bar thickness for nipple bars and nipple piercing rings is 1.6mm (14 gauge).  Most piercing studios will do this as standard but of course some individuals do go for smaller or larger piercings.

In terms of nipple bar length, 14mm or 16mm is the most common that we see - what is the best size for you is really down to what you feel most comfortable with.  You rarely see larger bars being used than 16mm, but some will use smaller e.g. 12mm, but this isn’t particularly common either.

If you opt for a nipple ring, then the size does range a little bit more, but generally they  anything between 10mm and 12mm is quite common. Piercings are of course a very personal thing, so you will always find extremes in sizing.

In addition to our great range of nipple jewellery, we stock a massive selection of other piercings including labret studs, cartilage bars and tapers - please check them out if you’re after something else!