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Navel Piercings

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More Info on our Navel Piercing Jewellery

If you are getting a new navel piercing, then our range of jewellery includes belly bars which come in different materials to suit your lifestyle or personal style. The specific placement of the navel piercing is in the skin above the rim of the belly button, and the belly piercing jewellery will hang down over the navel.

If you are an active person who enjoys sports, exercise or even just wearing sports leggings, it is worth bearing in mind the 3-6 months healing time but once it is healed, then you can find the best navel piercing jewellery to suit your lifestyle. For comfort and easy flexibility, belly bars made from bioflex are lightweight and perfect for comfort, and with choices for glitter balls on your belly bars, they can be just as stylish as a metal alternative.

For a first time piercing, non-dangle belly bars made from surgical steel are ideal, as they are unlikely to get caught on clothing, which will allow your new piercing to heal properly. Once your new piercing has healed, our dangle belly bars have many designs that are perfect for drawing attention to your style. For a statement piece of belly button piercing jewellery for warm summer days and nights or for crop-top fans, these dangle bars will be a great accessory.

Pregnancy Retainers for safe and flexible wear

The process of getting and caring for your belly piercing need not be undone by pregnancy or maternity, as our specific pregnancy jewellery for navel piercings feature larger bars (from 25mm upwards) and the bar is either made from bioflex or hypoallergenic, non toxic PTFE. 

These pieces of navel piercing jewellery are designed to flex and can be cut to size if needed. Being a comfortable choice, both options of belly button piercing jewellery are suitable for pregnancy and maternity, allowing you to retain your piercing.

Prior to getting a new navel or belly button piercing, you will need to research the style of piercing, the safest piercing studio and be prepared for effective aftercare, in order to avoid scarring or infection.

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Gekko stock a wide range of high quality piercing jewellery, for a broad selection of piercing types. Alongside our options for navel piercings, we also offer jewellery for other body parts including ears, eyebrows, the nose and lips.