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More Info on our Lip Piercing Jewellery

Whether you are looking for a single or multiple lip piercings, you can find the statement placement for you. The off-centered side labret on either the upper or lower lip can fit lip rings, labret (flat backed) studs or circular barbells. Taking between 1 to 3 months to heal, these iconic lip piercings can accentuate your lips with the perfect lip piercing jewellery. 

If you want a lip piercing that sits a little higher, the Monroe piercing which is inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark sits on the right side of the upper lip. This is similar to the Madonna piercing which sits on the left side of the lip to represent Madonna’s beauty mark. Both of these single lip piercings can suit captive ball lip rings and studs or horseshoe barbells which is part of our range of jewellery for lip piercings.

Double the fun with bite piercings

The adventurous snake bite piercing is named for the placement which represents snake fang markings. These double piercings, situated beneath the lower lip towards the edges of the mouth, can fit lip rings,curved lip bars or labret studs, all three of which are popular choices of jewellery for lip piercings. 

If you prefer an upper lip piercing, then the angel bites piercing is the inversion of a snake bite placement and is suitable for seamless or captive bead lip rings and even gem or bead studs. A very niche style is the spider, or viper bite lip piercing that are dual piercings on either the left or right side of the bottom lip. As with the other bites, the best lip piercing jewellery can be two single labret studs, captive ball lip rings or curved and circular barbells.

Before getting a new lip piercing, it is important to do your research into the placement, finding the best, safe piercing studio and being ready for aftercare, so that you avoid scarring or infection. 

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Gekko stock a wide range of high quality piercing jewellery, for many types of piercings. Alongside our options for lip piercings, we also offer jewellery for other body parts including ears, eyebrows, the nose and navel