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More Info on Labret Studs

Labret studs are one of the most popular piercings out there.  Simple to insert and can easily be changed to suit the occasion - particularly handy if you need to wear something a little less visible for work but then want something more glitzy on a night out. 

The most common size of labret jewellery is 1.2mm (16 gauge) with a 6mm or 8mm bar.  One end will be a disc shape which is fixed to the bottom of the bar, essentially the backing of the piercing.  The top of the bar will have a detachable ball or another type of accessory which is screwed back on once the piercing has been inserted.

Types of Labret Studs

You'll find a huge range of labret studs available, both in terms of style and material.  We’ve summarised the most popular types below which may help when selecting the right labret bar for your piercing.
  • Standard Thread Labret Studs - the most common type of labret stud will have a standard thread where the thread is on the outside of the bar which the ball then screws onto.  

  • Internally Threaded Labret Studs - these labret studs have a small thread attached to the bottom of the ball which is screwed into a hollow bar.  This can make it a little easier to screw on the ball once you’ve inserted the bar.

  • Threadless Labret Studs - these are a relatively new design whereby the ball has a small pin fixed to the bottom of it (so you’ll often see them referred to as “push-pin”).  The pin is slightly curved but straightens once inserted into the hollow bar. The resulting tension between the pin and the inside of the labret bar keep it securely in place.

  • Press-Fit Labret Studs - the press-fit style will again have a small pin attached to the top ball.  The difference however is that the bars will be made of a soft material i.e. BioFlex.  The pin will be a fraction wider than the hollow bar so when it’s pressed in it sits securely in place.

Where can Labrets be worn?

A common question is in what piercings can labret jewellery be worn.  The answer, in short, is in a number of different piercings!  This is why labret studs are a great universal type of body jewellery.  The main areas for labrets studs include:

  • Labret (of course!) - this piercing sits just below the lower lip.  It’s generally centrally aligned and around 0.5cm below the lower lip.  Other types of body jewellery can also be used for this type of piercing including segment rings and ball closure rings.
  • Monroe - named after Marilyn Monroe (to represent her beauty mark), these are traditionally done on the far left side above the upper lip.  The right side is generally referred to as a Madonna piercing.
  • Medusa - these piercings sit directly above the upper lip and are centrally aligned.  It’s really a matter of preference if you want it positioned here or on either side as per the monroe and madonna piercings.

  • Tragus - moving on to places on the ear, labret studs are great for tragus piercings.  The fixed backing also means the ball which is attached to the bar is screwed on from the front of the piercing, making it much easier to insert.

  • Lobe - labret jewellery is also perfectly fine for lobe piercings.  You will also have the same benefit of the ball being screwed on to the front of the piercing rather than from behind the lobe.

If you’re after a number of piercings or are looking for the best universal piercing, check out our barbells, segment rings or circular barbells, all offer a great multi-purpose piercing.