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More Info on Flesh Plugs and Tunnels

Plugs and tunnels have been becoming more and more popular over the past few years and you’ll find literally thousands of different styles on the market.  Here at Gekko Body Jewellery we offer a huge range of ear tunnels and stretchers, ranging in both size and material.  You’ll often hear many terms to describe these types of piercings but there are a couple of key differences.

Ear tunnels or flesh tunnels have a hole through the middle of the piercing (hence the name tunnel).  This means you can essentially see right through the lobe when the piercing is inserted. Flesh Plugs are generally a solid piercing, hence the use of the word plug.  There’s no real advantages or disadvantages to each - more just down to what style you’re looking for.  

You’ll also see the term Ear Stretchers used which covers all types of lobe stretching jewellery.

Types of Ear Stretchers

Screw Fit Ear Stretchers - both sides of the stretcher will be flared but as the name suggests one or both sides of the plug can be unscrewed.  This allows the plug to be easily inserted into the piercing.  

Saddle Fit Ear Stretchers - the saddle fit plugs are designed so there’s a small rising flare on either side of the piercing which ensures it sits securely within the lobe.  The obvious difference is that the wider flared part must pass through the piercing in order to insert it which is why these are not recommended for healing piercings.  
Double Flared Ear Tunnels - these have more pronounced flares (which can’t be removed) on both sides of the tunnel in comparison to gradual flare on the saddle plugs.  The same consideration applies in that the flare must pass through the passing when being inserted.   

Single Flared Ear Stretchers - these stretchers have a single flare on one side (which can’t be removed).  The other side is inserted into the piercing and then held in place using a single rubber O-ring which is placed around the stretcher.  

Measuring Ear Plugs and Tunnels

There is often some confusion around the sizing of ear tunnels and flesh plugs, generally because the centre of the stretcher is smaller in diameter than the outer flared edges.

When a size is given for an ear tunnel or plug, this measurement relates to the wearable area i.e. the part of the piercing which actually sits within the lobe.  If you are trying to measure the size (also known as gauge), we recommend digital calipers to get an exact measurement

In addition to a huge collection of plugs and tunnels we offer a massive range of other piercings, including ball closure rings, barbells, labret studs and segment rings.