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Fake Piercing Info

If you want the pierced look but don’t feel comfortable having a piercing done or you need to frequently remove it (for work or sport etc) then a fake piercing could be the answer.

There are a range of different fake piercings available, from fake nose rings through to magnetic ear tapers. We also stock tapers and plugs which give the look of a wide gauge piercing but the bar itself is suitable for a standard ear piercing (1.2mm).

Fake Nose Rings

Fake nose rings are one of the most popular non-piercing jewellery types. For most designs it’s just a case of pressing either side of the ring together onto the side of the nose. The ring gauge (or thickness) is generally very small for fake nose piercings as this makes them easy to bend together - normally either 0.8mm (20 gauge) or 1mm (18 gauge).

You will also find that the plain fake nose rings can be used to give the impression of a piercing on the side of the nose and the septum (which we’ve covered in a bit more detail below).

Fake Septum Hangers

Fake Septum Hangers are another fake piercing which has grown in popularity over the past few years. They are available in endless styles and as the name suggests, they will literally just hang on to either side of the septum. Both ends of the piercing will be wider than the hoop of the bar, effectively like having a balls attached, which helps the hanger stay in place.

These are another great option, particularly if you’re considering getting a septum piercing. You can always give one of these a try to see how you find it before committing yourself.

Fake Ear Tapers

Fake ear tapers generally have a standard size ear piercing bar (i.e. 1.2mm) but the surrounding taper itself is a bigger gauge. If you’re looking for something different but don’t fancy stretching your lobes any bigger then this is a great alternative.

You’ll find a massive range of different styles out there, everything from the simple straight cones through to the eye catching swirl designs.

Fake Ear Plugs

The Fake ear plugs are again a great alternative if you want the wide gauge look without the lobe stretching. We’ve seen these become a lot more popular amongst all the different types of fake piercings we offer as they provide an entirely different look to a normal ear piercing.

We also stock a massive range of other piercing jewellery including Cartilage Bars, Labret Studs and Segment Rings.