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Eyebrow Bar Information

We stock a huge collection of eyebrow bars in a range of different materials and styles. You’ll find a number of different types of piercing can be used in the eyebrow, this includes barbells, ball closure rings and segment rings.

The most common size of eyebrow piercing jewellery is 1.2mm (16 gauge), with an 8mm bar for barbells or if an eyebrow ring then a diameter of 8mm or 10mm.  

Styles of Eyebrow Bars

As mentioned above you can use a number of different types of piercing for your eyebrow. Below is a quick summary of each below along with the key features for each piercing.

Straight & Curved Barbells - probably the most common type of eyebrow piercings bars available. Which type you go for is really down to personal preference. The curved barbell tends to be a little more popular.

Eyebrow Ball Closure Rings - another great option for an eyebrow piercing if you’re looking for a ring style rather than a bar. These are slightly more tricky to secure in the piercing but aside from that it’s really down to taste.

Eyebrow Segment Rings - similar to the ball closure rings but these just offer a continuous ring without the ball. No real advantage or disadvantage just a matter of style.  

Eyebrow Jewellery Materials

Eyebrow bars are available in a variety of different materials from basic acrylic to solid gold! However, the vast majority will be made of either Surgical Steel, Titanium or PTFE.

Surgical Steel Eyebrow Bars - a highly popular choice as surgical steel offers a good quality piercing at very reasonable prices. Available in countless styles and will be very long lasting as surgical steel is very resistant to corrosion.

Titanium Eyebrow Bars - titanium eyebrow jewellery is another great option, lightweight and very resistant to everyday wear. Will generally be a little more expensive than surgical steel but may be a better option if your skin is sensitive to piercings.

PTFE Eyebrow Bars (Polytetrafluoroethylene) - this is a soft and flexible material which is great for new piercings as it reduces the stress on the pierced area, helping to keep the healing time to a minimum. PTFE eyebrow piercing jewellery is generally great value (under £5!) and long lasting.  

Still got questions?

If you’re still unsure of anything, whether it’s sizing or something more general please feel free to contact us.   In addition to eyebrow piercings we also stock a massive range of other piercings including nose studs & rings, cartilage piercings and tongue bars.