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Ear Piercings

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The two main categories of ear piercings are lobe or cartilage piercings. Depending on your lifestyle, look and what other piercings you may have, then our guide to your next ear piercing will help you make the best choice.

If you are looking for a lobe piercing, you have options for upper lobe piercings (also referred to as seconds or thirds) that are an easy, quick healing piercing that with the correct aftercare, can be healed in around eight weeks. With lots of flexibility on ear piercing jewellery for lobes and different options on piercing placement, a lobe is generally regarded as a low-pain piercing.

With cartilage piercings there are many different varieties around the outer and inner ear to choose from. Helix piercings sit either forward facing on the cartilage that sits closest to your head, whereas a regular helix is just before the upper curve of your ear cartilage. A handy factor of helix piercings are that they are suitable to many types of ear piercing jewellery including rings, barbells and flat backed labret studs.

If you have an active lifestyle, then inner cartilage piercings can be a great option as they are less irritated by clothing and with the right ear piercing jewellery they won’t get in the way of earphones or headphones. 

Tragus piercings may take between 3 to 6 months to heal, which may often be the case for cartilage piercings, but with our range of flat-backed labret studs, you can easily fit earphones behind the piercing without fuss or a struggle.

Statement Ear Piercings

For stand-out cartilage piercings then the Daith or Conch are popular for their statement looks, but these can take between 4-12 months before you can change over your ear piercing jewellery, so patience and effective aftercare is key for these and any cartilage piercings. 

Daith piercings became popularised as a pressure point for migraines, and although this has not been medically proven, these piercings are a great central adornment to the cartilage above the ear canal. Conch piercings go through the centre ‘shell’ hollow of the ear, and these fit a range of rings, barbells or labret studs. Both of these ‘niche’ piercings can be a great addition to your cartilage piercings but it is important to think about the piercing that will best fit your lifestyle, in order for it to suit you and heal effectively. 

Important steps in getting new lobe or cartilage piercings include researching into the type of piercing, the safest piercing studio and then preparing for the aftercare journey in order to avoid scarring or infection.

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