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More Info on Cartilage Piercings

Our cartilage earrings range is the biggest piercing category we have on the website! We stock literally hundreds of styles from simple plain bars through to carefully designed gem dangle piercings. You may see some items named differently, such as helix earrings or tragus earrings but these piercings are very often suitable for most types of ear piercing (with the exception of the lobe).

Types of Cartilage Piercings

You will find there’s all sorts of different types of cartilage earrings available. To make it a little easier to find what you’re after we’ve summarised the most common types on offer and the key points of each below.

Cartilage Studs - probably the most popular design we have on offer. A nice and simple piercing with a straight bar (often 1.2mm gauge by 8mm in length). The amount of styles is endless as you’ll find them available in a variety of colours, materials and sizes. These can also be used for other ear piercings such conch piercings, helix piercings and tragus piercings.

Cartilage Rings - again a very popular design and can be used as a universal piercing, a great choice for most ear piercings. You will find many segment rings, ball closure rings and circular barbells fall into this category too. Whether you’re after tragus jewellery, helix jewellery or something more specific like a conch ring these should be suitable.

Dangle Cartilage Earrings - as the name suggests these have a dangle attached to the ear bar or piercing ring. These offer something a little bit different in comparison to the standard studs and are great if you’re looking for something a bit more noticeable.

Different types of Ear Piercings

As mentioned above cartilage earrings are a highly universal piercing and can be used in various different ear piercings. Below is a quick overview of the 5 most common.

Tragus piercings - one of the most popular areas for ear piercings, located just in front of the ear canal. Labret studs and segment rings are also commonly used for tragus piercings.

Helix piercings - located at the top of the ear on the outer edge, a great piercing to compliment a lobe piercing. Any type of stud, BCR or ear cuff looks great.

Forward Helix piercings - found directly above the ear canal on the top outer edge of the ear. Not quite as popular as the helix piercing but still looks great on its own or as part of a series of different ear piercings.

Conch piercings - these sit above the lobe and the middle of the ear. Again a number of different piercings can be used including BCRs and straight barbells.

Daith piercings - with these you just have to be mindful that larger jewellery may not comfortably fit in the area. A daith piercing is located just above the ear canal, in the inner part of the ear.