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Cartilage and Tragus piercings are amongst some of the most popular ear piercings out there - this is why we offer literally hundreds of different designs!  Although commonly termed Cartilage and Tragus, these piercings are often suitable for many different ear piercings.  For example, a standard 1.2mm (16 gauge) x 6mm Tragus stud could also be used in a Helix, Conch and Auricle piercings. 

The standard bar size for most Cartilage and Tragus piercings is 1.2mm (16 gauge) and 6mm in length.  Of course some people use other sizes but the vast majority are this size.  

316L Surgical Steel is a very popular metal for these items as it's hard wearing and easy to clean.  Other metals such as Titanium can also be a great choice as it has a very high purity i.e. it's not mixed with other metals.