Body Jewellery Hygiene

This page contains important information about body jewellery hygiene.  We always recommend you take extra care when purchasing any type of jewellery as it helps to minimise the chance of any unwanted side effects. 

Below you will find an explanation of how to clean the differing types of body jewellery materials.

Surgical Steel / Titanium

Surgical Steel and Titanium Body Jewellery are the most easy to clean materials as they are tough and durable metals.  You can use a simple anti-bacterial soap with warm water to remove any dirt or germs.

One thing to note with Surgical Steel is that it contains a very small amount of Nickel which can occasionally cause some skin irritation, but in most instances it should be fine.  If you do experience this, we recommend you switch to Titanium based jewellery.

Plated Metals (Gold Plated, Silver Plated & Copper Plated)

Extra care should be taken when treating plated metals as you want to avoid removing any of the thin outter plating.  Just use a simple anti-bacterial soap with warm water and rinse off.  Do not leave the jewellery in water or any other liquid for extended periods of time as this is likely to increase the chance of the plating coming off.

Wood Based Jewellery

As with many wood based products a bit more care must be taken when cleaning, as if done incorrectly it can lead to a number of unwanted side effects e.g. the wood warping.  To clean just use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt - do not leave in any sort of liquid as it may warp after it's dried out. 

To regain any shine to the outter surface use a light wax.

PTFE Body Jewellery

PFTE body jewellery is fantastic for new or healing piercings, and for anyone who is suffering from irritated piercings.  A great benefit of PTFE is its flexibility, so it will work especially well for pregnancy retainers as it will adapt as the body changes.

It's also worth nothing that most PTFE body jewellery is suitable for autoclaving (sterilising using steam) - but you should always confirm this before doing so. 

Natural Buffalo Horn Body Jewellery

As with any body jewellery made from animal horn it will absorb mositure so it's always a good idea to minimise the amount you get the item(s) wet in the shower etc.  Cleaning the item is done in much the same way as wood based jewellery, simply wiping down with a damp cloth.