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Types of Belly Bar

Belly Bars are becoming ever more popular with literally thousands of different designs available. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or relaxing down the beach they’ll always something for the occasion. The information below provides a quick overview of what you can expect to find when searching for your next belly bar.

 We offer many different types of belly bars - some are designed differently just for style, others may have been designed to help make wearing the piercing a little more comfortable (pregnancy belly bars being an obvious example!). Below we've outlined the top 5 types of belly bars and the key features of each.

Non-Dangle Belly Bars

The most common type of belly bar is the standard non-dangle made from 316L Surgical Steel, often with a 5mm top ball and 8mm bottom ball. These are a great first piercing as unlikely to get caught on clothing, allowing for a new piercing to heal properly. You will find plenty of styles and materials available, including Gold Belly Bars, Silver Belly bars and other non-metal designs such as Acrylic.

Dangle Belly Bars
Any Belly Bar with something attached to the bottom ball generally falls into the category of Dangle Belly Bars. There are thousands of designs available, from elegant gem encrusted chandeliers through to mini glow stick dangles. These are a great choice for the summer when the layers of clothing won't make it uncomfortable or for a night out when you're looking for something with a little bit more sparkle!

Twist Belly Bars
As the name suggests, this type of Belly Bar has a twisted bar which means the balls sit horizontally from each other in the piercing, rather than vertically like in a standard non-dangle belly bar. There is no real advantage or disadvantage to the twist belly bars, more just a matter of preference!

Pregnancy Belly Bars
Pregnancy (or maternity) Belly Bars are designed to retain the navel piercing during pregnancy. This means the vast majority will have substantially bigger bars (i.e.from 25mm upwards) and the bar itself will generally be made from PTFE. The PTFE is flexible which is perfect as the stomach grows and it's also hypoallergenic.

Reverse Belly Bars
Reverse Belly Bars (also known as Top Down Belly Bars) have the ball attached to the bottom of the bar which goes through the piercing. These don't offer any real practical benefits - again is just a matter of taste. We stock a range of different designs if you would like to get an idea of some styles available.

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