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More Information on Barbell Piercings

Here you’ll find our extensive collection of barbell piercings, no matter what type of barbell piercing you’re after we’ll almost certainly be able to help! Barbells are one of the most common types of body jewellery and you’ll often find them being used for nipple piercings, tongue piercings and cartilage piercings.

Types of Barbell Piercings

As you can imagine there’s a whole host of different types of piercing barbells available so we’ve provided a quick overview of what you can expect to find below. Straight barbell piercings - by far the most popular type of barbell as these can be used in a variety of piercings. You’ll generally find these fall into three core bar lengths - 6mm for cartilage piercings, 14mm for nipple barbells and 16mm tongue barbells.

Curved barbell piercings - these will generally be used for Belly Bar piercings and Eyebrow piercings. As the name suggests these have curved bars which helps the barbell sit more naturally in the piercing.

Industrial barbell piercings - these are the piercings which go through both sides of the upper ear so the bars are considerably longer than those mentioned above. You will commonly see these with 38mm bars.

Barbell Materials

As with most body jewellery you’ll find piercing barbells in a range of materials. In terms of popularity, 316L Surgical Steel is at the top. A great option if you’re looking for something long lasting but without a hefty price tag. Solid titanium is another great option, particularly if you have any allergies to 316L Surgical Steel.

You’ll again find these will be very long lasting although a bit more expensive than Surgical Steel. Finally, BioFlex and Acrylic are becoming another popular choice. Often you’ll see the bars being made of BioFlex but with Acrylic balls. Some customers use these if they don’t react to metal very well. Generally speaking, these are also the cheapest type of barbell piercing.