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More Information on Ball Closure Rings

We offer a great range of Ball Closure Rings (BCR), also commonly known as Captive Bead Rings (CBR). A major benefit of these is that they can be used in nearly all types of body piercing. The balls have small indentations on each side allowing the ring to be pressed in, keeping the ball securely in place.    

Types of BCR Rings

There are two main designs of Ball Closure Rings - the first being where the ball can be entirely removed from the piercing ring and the second where one side of the ball is permanently fixed to the ring. It’s really down to individual preference as to which you go for - if you lead a very active lifestyle with a higher chance of knocking your piercing, the fixed ball could be a better choice.

We see Ball Closure Rings mostly being used for ear piercings, with the most popular sizes being 1.2mm (16 gauge) with either an 8mm or 10mm ring diameter. This size is perfect for a number of different ear piercings e.g. Helix, Forward Helix and Tragus. More recently we’ve also found customers wanting these for Septum Piercings too, particularly designs with the gem or opal balls.    

Captive Bead Ring Materials

Ball Closure Rings are made from a range of metals and materials, but the most common is 316L Surgical Steel. As with any body jewellery made from Surgical Steel, it has the benefits of being highly resistant against corrosion, lightweight and great value for money. Titanium is also a popular choice particularly if you find your skin reacts to other types of metals or materials.

We always recommend a BCR piercing if you’re after a universal piercing which can easily be switched between different areas of the body.

Alongside our ball closure rings, we offer a huge range of body jewellery including belly bars, septum rings and nose studs.